Hacking Services And The Cost

hacking services

According to experts, 90% of users of the deep web and the dark web are looking for hackers who can provide them with specific hacking services, but the deep web and the dark web aren’t exactly safe and so it takes quite an effort  and resources to really to be there.

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This conclusion is supported by research studies carried out by companies like Positive Technologies, which looked at online activity across 10 of the most well-known dark web forums.

Positive Technologies claims that there has been a spike in the demand for stolen data and hacker-for-hire services. The cyber firm links this trend to the greater use of internet work channels by illustrious companies during the COVID-19 issue.

Gaining access to an online resource appears to be the primary reason why users seek assistance from dark web forums; researchers discovered that this demand accounted for 71%  of all ad inquiries on the underground forums.

Finding user or client databases from specific resources was the second most frequently asked question in the forums, accounting for 21% of all inquiries. Additionally, roughly 16% of posts on dark web forums offered their services to break into websites, while 3% were enthusiastic about promoting hacking enablers (such as tools and instructions) and interacting with like-minded people to exchange hacking stories.

The researchers also found that there was continually significant demand for access to online markets, with costs ranging from $1700 to $8000 to buy and sell  REAL website access and hacking services, not the word “real”. This is made worse by the fact that many customers enter their credit card information on these platforms, giving cybercriminals the chance to introduce nefarious JavaScript code into the sites in order to capture the user’s personal information.

An analyst for Positive Technologies commented on the February 2021 article and stated that the company has noticed an increase in interest in hacking services since March of last year as shown by the rise in the number of related adverts on dark web forums.

The analyst, Yana Yurakova, linked the results to the COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences, which later compelled a number of enterprises to relocate their main operations online. It should go without saying that these businesses were forced to change their offline strategy to online client involvement in order to preserve strong relationships.

The Dark Web’s Hacking Services: An Analysis

hacking services

The goal of a recent study by Comparitech was to determine how much it would cost to hire a hacker  for hacking services on the dark web.

The detectives looked through more than 100 dark web listings from 12 hacking services to determine how much the services would cost an interested party before coming to their findings.

Even though Comparitech explicitly stated on their website that they do not support illegal activity on the dark web, their findings give you an idea of how much you would have to spend to benefit from the many hacking services that are being sold online.

Comparitech found that most of the dark web portals that were examined had comparable menus and product listings for hacking services. The researchers continued by saying that the rates on the dark web nowadays are not fixed and that individual customers should think about haggling with service providers to get the best deal.

However, the cost of hacker-for-hire services is typically determined by a variety of elements pertaining to unique situations for both buyer and seller interests. The total cost that you will be required to pay for certain services will be greatly influenced by the difficulty, length, risk, and magnitude of the task.

Comparitech noticed that all hacker-for-hire firms required upfront payments from potential clients, which is a general thing for all of them. These hackers would advise potential clients to communicate through secure mail or encrypted messaging apps. However, a few hacker websites offered some certainty of returns in the event that hacking jobs were unsuccessful.

Additionally, the majority of hacking services that the researchers looked at appeared to set reasonable expectations for customers; for example, the sellers would declare that they only accept jobs that are within their scope of expertise. In fact, one dark web organisation acknowledged that 5-7% of instances are wholly unsuccessful.

The cost of hacking services vary due to the different complexities involved and the various factors that would affect a successful hacking job. More complicated and dangerous hacking jobs that are time consuming will obviously cost a lot more money  In general, most professional hackers will charge at least a couple of thousand dollars for serious hacking jobs that they perform.

Personal Cyberattacks

On the dark web, personal cyberattack services often cost around  $2500. This works by a hacker launching a personal attack against your personal target using various tools and approaches.

Changing School Grades

This is one of the most in-demand hacking services on the dark web  in 2022, with an average cost of $4000. Buyers in this category can pay hackers to hack into their school system and change their attendance and academic records or copy exam questions

Social Media Account Hacking

This service costs, on average, around $2000. It just so happens to be the kind of dark web listing that Comparitech researchers have seen the most frequently. Hackers will offer to take over or snoop on the social media accounts of your intended victim.

The hackers assert that they have access to all popular social media sites, but WhatsApp appears to be the most often referenced social media app on dark web forums. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Reddit are some additional social media platforms.

Website And Database Hack

One of the most expensive hacking services, the cost of hacking a website or a database  starts at  $6000 and could go as high as $50,000. This category contains options for targeting websites and other types of services that depend on the internet. Some hacker organisations make the claim that they can access the administrative panel or the underlying web server of any online platform by hacking into it.

Others assert that they can steal administrator credentials and databases to suit your precise demands. Additionally, it’s important to note that in addition to websites, online game servers and other internet infrastructure are some of the resources that may be attacked by hiring hackers.

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack

We are all aware of the devastation that DDoS attacks can cause. Administrators of dark web forums and marketplaces started blaming Tor flaws for the ongoing DDoS attacks in the hidden web as early as 2019.

Even worse, the idea of relatively inexpensive DDoS rental services may make it difficult for DDoS attackers to leave the dark web scene. Numerous threat actor assessment reports on cybersecurity have revealed the existence of DDoS renting services for as little as $1,000.

You can hire a threat actor to launch and maintain DDoS attacks for as long as you can afford to pay for them for the low hourly rate mentioned above. Keep in mind that costs can go up if an attacker is anticipated to target websites that use DDoS defences like Cloudflare.

Custom Malware

A professional  hacker will take about $3000 from you in exchange for a personalised piece of malware, which may be anything from keyloggers to botnets to ransomware. Ransomware assaults typically have a lot of power, just like DDoS attacks. The countless instances of dark web ransomware groups orchestrating assaults that brought down entire government infrastructures serve as a clear illustration of this reality.

Email Hacking

The average cost of email hacking services is $4400. It entails stealing the password from the target account holder, which makes further actions on the email account more likely.

The hacker may first provide you the victim’s password, or you may tell them to access the email account on their own to gather sensitive data. Additionally, the hacker might set up email forwarding so that all emails sent to the target are forwarded to you, the consumer.

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