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How to Catch a Cheat.

How to Catch a Cheat.

Open and honest conversation is always the best way to go, but if your partner is dishonest, it doesn’t always lead to open and honest results. Even though the definitions of relationships are becoming more open, significant others still cheat on their relationships and their partners. Maybe you’re the one who thinks something is wrong.

You’ve felt it. You know for sure your partner is cheating on you when you get that sick, nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach. You know what to look for. You want proof now.

Because technology is always getting better, it’s never been easier to cheat, but it’s also never been easier to catch cheaters. Here are some very high-tech ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you.

Watch how they use their phone to catch a cheater.

Someone’s phone is a goldmine of information, and just as it collects important information about their life and habits, it also collects information about their mistakes. Watch out for these key signs that something might be wrong: Are they really careful with their phone? Do they rarely part with it and bring it with them everywhere? Keep it out of sight all the time? (Or is it always down? You’ve seen them…) Is the phone always locked, or does it have a privacy screen that blocks most over-the-shoulder views of what your partner is doing on it?

Does your company always have the “Do Not Disturb” function on so that potentially dangerous notifications stay away and stay quiet? (On an iPhone, look in the upper right corner for a half-moon symbol.) Don’t forget to look for a possible second (or “burner”) phone or even SIM cards (less convenient, but also a possibility). You could ask to use their phone if yours is dead and you’re going somewhere together. You’re more likely to get the password if you can get a hold of the phone before you ask for it.

Touch ID is a way to catch a cheat.

If they have Touch ID or a similar feature, you could quickly go into their security settings and add your fingerprint to the saved prints. If they have more than one, you might want to delete one of theirs so you don’t look suspicious.

The Google Chrome password hack shows how to catch a cheater.

If your partner won’t give you their phone’s lock code, even if you just want to check the weather or call a cab, and you can’t closely watch what they type in, it may be hard to get in. Some people may not be as careful with their computer passwords as others, and if they use Google Chrome and are willing to let you in, you may be able to crack most or all of their passwords.

Ask for their computer password because (make up a good reason). Once they give it to you, go to Settings, Passwords, and Autofill in the Chrome browser. Once you’re on the passwords log page, you can see what password-protected sites they’ve visited. Do a quick scan to see if any sites that shouldn’t be there stand out. Then, next to the passwords that look like “****,” click the “eye” icon and type in the computer password you just got. Alternately…

Keyloggers are one way to catch a cheater.

How to Catch a Cheat.

You can put this software on your computer, and the person who is cheating would never know it is running in the background. You can record whatever you want with these programs. You can see the passwords they use, the emails they send, the websites they go to, and you can even record them using the computer.

Look at a cheater’s location history to catch them.

If your partner uses Google, and you have access to the navigation system, you can see where they have been by clicking on the “previous destinations” menu item. For Android users, the Google Timeline feature works the same way in the Google Maps app or Google Maps online, as long as the user is signed in while moving around. You can also type “Find My Phone” into the search bar to find out where the phone is at the moment.

Look at Uber and Waze to find a cheat.

Uber has a safety feature that lets users share their ride status with others for as long as they want. If your partner uses Uber (or maybe any of the other ride-sharing apps), you can ask them to share this with you. All they have to do is open the app, go to Settings, then Manage Trusted Contacts, and add you to always be notified of their rides. For Waze, click on the magnifying glass icon to look at their drive history (each destination appears alongside a clock icon). Note that the app doesn’t give you a lot of information, but it can give you a hint if some strange places keep coming up or are saved as favourites.

Check text texts, other messaging applications, and more to catch a cheater.

If your partner is very protective of his or her phone and you think they might be cheating, you could try to peek at their messaging apps. But keep in mind that simple texting apps like iMessage are for amateurs… It’s worth a quick look to see if there are any “do not disturb” message threads for specific people. But it’s more likely that cheaters will talk to each other on WhatsApp (check the “Archived Chats” feature) or, if they’re really smart, on shared Notes apps on iPhones or even on shared Google Docs. We’ve also heard of people using draft emails on shared email accounts. And don’t forget to think about aliases all the time.

Hidden audio or photo files are a good way to catch a cheater.

Your partner may be hiding more than just messages. They may also be hiding audio or photo files. If your partner knows how to use the newest gadgets and apps, they may be hiding pictures in audio or picture files.

Check bank statements to catch a liar.

This is even easier if you have a joint account, but you can now also pay for trysts with PayPal or points, among other things. Just look through your joint account for transactions you don’t recognize, especially for obvious things like lingerie, jewellery, hotel or restaurant bills, and bills for things like lingerie or jewellery. Any unusual behaviour that could be a sign of cheating.

Check their trash folder to catch a cheater.

How to Catch a Cheat.

People’s privacy should be respected, but if you think your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating or your wife or husband is having an affair and you want to see for yourself, try going through his or her email trash folder if you can. If they’re emailing with someone else at the same time, they might have forgotten to delete any conversations for good. While you’re at it, you might also want to look in their computer’s trash for any photos that could be used against them. If you find anything, you can throw this person out on the street as trash.

How to catch someone cheating:

On modern devices, you can use the different search tabs to look for every letter of the alphabet. Even though people who are doing something sneaky would be stupid not to delete their digital footprints from their browsers, we have met people who didn’t. You may have to look a little deeper for signs of hook-up apps like AdultFriendFinder or similar sites. You could try the Spotlight Search or see what Google thinks you are looking for based on what your spouse has been searching for.

Check the Cloud to catch a cheater.

It’s one thing to figure out that someone is lying, but it’s something else to think that they’ve been getting messages or pictures from someone else. Even if your partner deleted pictures from his or her computer, that doesn’t mean they don’t still exist somewhere. If your partner is hiding photos, selfies, and other evidence of cheating, it will be in his or her Cloud storage. Some simple ones are iCloud, Google Drive, and Amazon Prime. Keepsafe Photo Vault, Vault, and Hide It Pro, on the other hand, point to something more sinister.

Make a fake account to catch a cheater.

How to Catch a Cheat.

You can look for your spouse on those websites that encourage cheating spouses (you know the ones). Or, you can start small by making a Facebook or Instagram profile and seeing if the person is interested. You can take it a step further by sending him or her an invite and talking to him or her in a friendly or flirty way to see how they react. If they want to hang out or get together, they’re on the hook.

How to catch a cheater: Talk to them.

You now have all the proof you need to show that your partner is cheating. It’s time to talk to them about it. Just be ready to hear what they have to say.

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