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How to Hack Telegram.

How to Hack Telegram.

It is said that Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps that can be found everywhere in the world. The software uses a robust encryption method for all of the messages that are sent. A timer is included in the mails as well. When the countdown reaches zero, the messages will automatically delete themselves and be gone forever.

Hacking a Telegram account isn’t a child’s play if you try to do it without advanced hacking skills. Yet, with the right app, hacking a Telegram account is even easier than a child’s play.

So how do you hack Telegram? Can it even be done? Hacking Telegram is possible, but it requires specialized software in order to do it. To break through the impenetrable security of Telegram, a cutting-edge application is required.

However, choosing the right app for the purpose is a must. I will be honest with you, there are many workable solutions to hack someone’s Telegram in the form of various apps and services. The important thing is that there is a catch involved in most of them that make using them absolutely moot.

For example, most of these apps would ask you to root or jailbreak the target device in order to work. If you know anything about rooting or jailbreaking, you will also know why you should never do it.

Therefore, the ways I will discuss today are the top choices to consider when you wish to hack a Telegram account. They work like a charm and don’t have hefty requirements.

How do you know if someone has connected to your Telegram account?

The easiest way is to check the active sessions. For this, you need to:

Go to settings (three horizontal bars at the top of the screen).
Select “Privacy.”
Find the line “Active sessions.”
Click and view a list of all the devices where your account is currently opened.

If you notice something suspicious, click “End all other sessions.”

Second, come up with a strong password. After entering it, you will be asked to specify an email address through which you can restore your forgotten password. However, the maximum protection is provided by a password without specifying an email address. So, the possibility of hacking the account will be minimized (but there will be a chance you may forget or lose the password, which will lead to the complete loss of the account without the possibility of restoring it).

You should also set a password code. This is done like this:

Settings → Privacy → Code → Password

Here you can choose to unlock by fingerprint, or Face ID, or just a code. And you can also set an auto-lock after a certain period of time, or block the application manually.

Third, hide your phone number. To do so, follow this path:

Settings → Privacy → Phone Number

By default, your number is visible to your contacts. But by checking the box next to “no one,” you will prohibit those who do not have your phone number from seeing it.

It will also be useful to disable the synchronization of contacts in Telegram, so that you can not be found by phone number. You can do it like this:

Settings → Privacy → Contacts → Turn off contact syncing.

You can also hide your avatar from unknown users and prevent them from accessing your profile through messages sent from you and change your real name to an alias.

Search for privacy settings here:

Settings → Privacy → Profile Photos

Settings → Privacy → Forwarding Messages

Also, you can disable the ability to call you. This way, you can compromise yourself, especially if you accidentally answer a video call. Search here:

Settings → Privacy → Calls → Nobody

Settings → Privacy → Groups → My Contacts

Now you know how to protect yourself and ensure your personal right to privacy.

Is telegram hacking a reality or a fiction?

Initially, in order to answer this question, you need to find out once and for all – what is Telegram hacking and how does it differ from interception? And already following from this knowledge to assert, it is possible and he or it was invented only to pull money.

There is a “Telegram hack” – this is an opportunity, without the knowledge of the owner, without knowing the username and password, to enter the account and conduct activities from there: read correspondence, reply to messages, view and send photos and do everything the same as the owner of this account can do.

And there is “Telegram interception” – this is an opportunity, without logging into your account, remotely, at a distance, read correspondence, see received and sent photos, listen to voice messages and calls. In other words, spy on a person from afar.

Feel the difference? Hacking is an opportunity to go to a page, and interception is an opportunity to remotely intercept everything that is done there online. Now, knowing these nuances, you can more clearly understand whether it is possible to hack Telegram yourself.

Whether you will be able to hack the Cart yourself is a moot point and it directly depends on your knowledge and the chosen method of hacking. However, you can read someone else’s correspondence, see photos and listen to voice messages, since it is really possible even for ordinary people like you and me!

Method 1. Hacking Telegram channel

In 2015, a grand competition was held, where hackers were invited to hack accounts, who could show how to hack the Telegram channel, and then also a specific account. The prize for a successful hack is 300 thousand US dollars.

Hackers were exposed to only 3 conditions:

To carry out not just hacking someone else’s account, but a specific one, where a dialogue was conducted between the bots Pavel and Nikolai (it was necessary to find an email address from their messages).
You could view traffic and take on the role of a server.
It was allowed to carry out absolutely any attacks.

The contest for hacking Telegrams was held openly. All the actions of hackers (individuals and entire groups) were widely reported. Thus, it showed everyone that it was impossible to hack his service.

To pick up a prize of 300 thousand dollars should have been the one who could send an email from the hacked Telegram correspondence (which was in the correspondence of two bots): with a message from one of the bots (which mentions the address of this mail), the logs of this session, a description of the attack itself and a bank account (where the prize should be transferred).

Method 2. Hacking username and password from a specific account

It may seem strange, but it is really possible to hack a Telegram account. But not in the hacker’s concept of “hacking”, but to find out the username and password to enter the desired account. To do this, there is a fairly common and widely used method, which bears a name incomprehensible to Russian-speaking people – Phishing or phishing pages.

Creating a phishing page – this is one of the most common methods that really work and show how to hack a Telegram channel without knowing someone else’s username and password.
On the Internet, they write about phishing that it is “a 100% effective and equally punishable method of hacking.”

Phishing in translation means fishing. Those. You have to prepare a fishing rod with a hook and bait, come to the reservoir where the fish is found, feed it, and then sit with the rod waiting for a bite. How long it will take for vzlom Telegram (catching fish) no one can say. It depends on many factors.

Method 3. Password guessing through rainbow tables
Hashing Is a kind of encryption, only without reverse decryption. Those. the password can be “hashed”, but it cannot be “hashed”. Read in detail in the article “Hack code or how to hack something«.

Method 4. Through selection of a token

Another incomprehensible word for a simple person is “token”. Let us now explain to you what it is about. Look …

There are bots. They are in the channels. A bot is a special program that is designed to automatically perform some strictly inherent actions. When bots are created, identifiers “tokens” are obtained. A token is a fairly long sequence of numbers, signs and English letters, where completely different characters can occur.
What is hacking? This is the ability to create an algorithm that will make the service work according to your scenario. Now, if you pick up a token, then we can say that we have hacked the Telegram bot.

Method 5. Traffic interception

This method is based on the fact that it is theoretically possible to intercept the transmitted data from the user to the service at the time of their transmission. But hacking the Cart by intercepting traffic, unfortunately, is not feasible in practice. Encryption takes place in several stages, and there is no way to decode the bytes. If a hacker with in-depth knowledge of this topic may be able to do this, although so far no one has been able to (read the description of method 1), then ordinary people cannot do it at all.

Method 6. DDoS attack

There is a very real way that allowed the Telegram server to collapse in 15. In that distant summer, the messenger worked with great difficulties and this attack lasted for several hours. But, she, too, was not crowned with due success. And yet, this hack via Telegram is the most expensive one, since a DDoS attack costs a lot of money and really deep knowledge of programming.

Method 7. Interception of correspondence, photos, voice

That’s it, we have finished describing hacking methods that ordinary people who are not programmers and even more so hackers cannot use. We will describe a normal way that will help you read someone else’s Telegram from someone else’s phone on your device (phone, computer, laptop, tablet).

So is it possible to read someone else’s Telegram? This can be done quite easily. Install the program on a person’s phone and get all the information about what he is doing on his account.

This method is for parents, spouses, lovers, and leaders who need to:

read the correspondence (even deleted after reading);
listen to voice;
track the location when a person enters the messenger;
view screenshots of the chat screens (dialogs, group);
see what photos the person received from the interlocutor;
what photos he saved on his phone;
what photos were deleted after viewing;
and much more.

To do this, you will need to pick up the phone (for 10 minutes) of the person on which he conducts the correspondence you are interested in and:

Step 1. From the website free download program.

Step 2. Register on the site (come up with a username, password and specify mail, you can create any new one).

Step 3. Install and configure the program on the controlled phone (you can download installation guide).

That’s it, you don’t need to do anything else. The Telegram hacking program will start collecting (intercepting) everything that a person does on his device and automatically forward it to you. And you, at any time convenient for you, will be able to enter and view the forwarded data (correspondence, photos, coordinates, screenshots, keyboard interception, notifications, call recordings and much more).


Even if Telegram is a popular social media platform, its users are still at risk when using it, especially kids and teenagers who are still learning how to stay safe online. The aforementioned techniques can be used to hack a Telegram account, enabling you to effectively monitor your loved one’s behaviour on the Telegram app and protect them.

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