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How to hack My Girlfriend's WhatsApp.
How to hack My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp.

“Hack my girlfriend’s WhatsApp. How can I secretly read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp conversations on my phone? She’s probably talking to her ex.”

WhatsApp, a great invention, but caused trust challenges. WhatsApp texts expose a lot of secrets. There are various techniques to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp conversations without her knowing, but only a few are effective.

Details follow. These strategies work for everyone.

Part 1. Read Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Secretly
Part 2: Hacking Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages [3 Risky Ways]
Part 3: Can Two Devices Use the Same WhatsApp Account?
Part 4: WhatsApp Monitoring FAQs

Read Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Secretly

How to hack My Girlfriend's WhatsApp.

Hacking my girlfriend’s WhatsApp without touching her phone? A third-party WhatsApp monitoring program is ideal for reading girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages, viewing her call history, and recording her calls:

Stealth mode: The software icon disappears and works undetected.

Real-time data tracking: When your girlfriend uses WhatsApp, this program records and updates her activity on your dashboard.

No root: This program installs easily. It is one of the few espionage apps without root.

Feature-rich: This program monitors WhatsApp messages, calls, status, screenshots, and recordings. Remotely preview any of that.

Without WhatsApp account and password: You don’t need to gain your girlfriend’s account password and login, which may alert her.
In addition to the foregoing, WhatsApp’s biggest feature is that it works even if your girlfriend switches accounts.

Hacking Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages [3 Risky Ways]

There are various techniques to hack your girlfriend’s WhatsApp. Experts advise against them because they can be caught or lose data.

We’ll also show you three other ways on how to hack My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp.

Option 1: Use your girlfriend’s WhatsApp Web account.

WhatsApp Web supports your girlfriend’s account. WhatsApp Web is well-known.
This web-based software can be used remotely without downloading the APK file.

If you have your girlfriend’s phone and know the lock screen password, you can use it to access WhatsApp. Freely check messages.

Visit https://web.whatsapp.com/ in your browser.
Step 2: Get a QR code there.
Step 3: Launch WhatsApp on the target phone and click the right-hand top tab.
Step 4: Click WhatsApp Web.
Step 5: Launch the camera and scan the PC screen QR code.
Step 6: The web app and your girlfriend’s WhatsApp will sync. You may now monitor your girlfriend’s WhatsApp chats.

Read girlfriend WhatsApp messages without QR code?

You may not be able to use your girlfriend’s WhatsApp Web account if you don’t acquire her QR code.
Without your girlfriend’s WhatsApp QR code, WhatsApp monitoring is easier.

If your girlfriend checks her phone, she will see that “WhatsApp Web is currently active” on the target device.
To scan the QR code and login to WhatsApp Web, you need your girlfriend’s phone every time. WhatsApp Web won’t show your girlfriend’s deleted messages or chat.

Option 2: Restore Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Backup Messages

Restore messages from your girlfriend’s WhatsApp backup. Use backups to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing.

Step 1: Open your girlfriend’s WhatsApp.
Step 2: Select Settings from the top-right three-dot menu.
Step 3: Chat Backup > Back Up.
Step 4: Tap Google Drive Settings to specify backup frequency.
Step 5: Open WhatsApp on another device and verify your girlfriend’s contact information.
Step 6: The main screen window will automatically invite you to click Restore. It then restores chats and media from backup.
Step 7: Restoration takes time. After that, hit Next to view the chats.

Your girlfriend’s WhatsApp backup would be on your phone.


Before restoring, you or your girlfriend must back up WhatsApp.
You must send a verification code to your girlfriend’s phone to restore her number.
Backup and restore take a lengthy time. To notify your girlfriend.

Option 3: Mac Spoofing to Read Girlfriend’s Messages

Mac Spoofing a device’s MAC address avoids network identifier access limitations. Most systems can handle spoofing without advanced hacking.

Instead, use ipconfig or something like. MAC address setup usually lasts until the device reboots.

Wi-Fi devices’ network adapters have 12-character MAC addresses. It identifies your girlfriend’s smartphone. With this, you can track your girlfriend’s WhatsApp communications locally or online.

Find your girlfriend’s WhatsApp MAC address to access it. How to hack my girlfriend’s WhatsApp:

Uninstall WhatsApp first. Find the target smartphone’s Media Access Control (MAC) Address. Find your phone’s MAC address.

Step 2. Match your MAC address to your girlfriend’s. Spoof your girlfriend’s phone with different apps.

3. Reinstall and configure WhatsApp on your phone. Get your girlfriend’s cell phone verification code.

Step 4. Change the MAC address again after accessing your girlfriend’s phone.


Hard to use.

Can Two Devices Use the Same WhatsApp Account?

How to hack My Girlfriend's WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s one-phone-number limitation is a drawback. Thus, only one phone can use WhatsApp at a time.

If WhatsApp doesn’t find an active phone number, you’ll get a pop-up to confirm. However, you can’t normally use WhatsApp on many devices.

However, an easy fix exists. It’s not the best option, but it’s useful.
It works without a SIM card on any phone with an internet connection. Steps for this solution:

Step 1. Open web.whatsapp.com in your phone’s web browser.

Step 2. The mobile browser will instantly open WhatsApp’s homepage. Select “Request Desktop Site” from the browser options. Then, the QR code will appear on the desired page.

Step 3. Tap Options/Settings on your WhatsApp-installed phone and pick WhatsApp online. You can check if you use web WhatsApp on another browser there. Logout first. Open a QR code scanner.

Step 4. Scan the QR code with the 1st phone’s WhatsApp code on the 2nd phone. Thus, the second phone will automatically log into WhatsApp. This is the only method to utilize WhatsApp on both phones.

You can only use WhatsApp on one more device. You must log out to use it on another device.
You can then use WhatsApp on another device.

WhatsApp web full does not replace WhatsApp installation. No notifications or mobile interface improvements. Visit the landscape to see everything.

WhatsApp Monitoring FAQs

Q1. Can I track WhatsApp without a phone?

How to track my wife WhatsApp? A target phone can easily monitor WhatsApp. You can monitor someone’s WhatsApp account without a target phone using a few apps.

Q2. Can WhatsApp catch a cheating girlfriend?

WhatsApp lets you catch your girlfriend cheating. Checking requires your girlfriend’s phone. Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.

Here’s your girlfriend’s most frequent chatter. You must know how to WhatsApp with your partner because someone can trace you.

Q3. Can I monitor WhatsApp with just a phone number?
With a phone number, you can monitor someone’s WhatsApp. This requires several tools. Spying tools let you track someone without their phone.


This post details four strategies to interpret your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages and their challenges.

How to hack My Girlfriend's WhatsApp.
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