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While hacking isn’t essentially a criminal offence, the term will have a significant negative connotation and you know you can hire hackers on the internet, however most if not all of the hackers for hire within any agency would lurk on the dark web as criminals.

How to hack account.

How to hack account.

Hackers are often portrayed as bad guys in popular media because they break the law to get into computer systems and networks. In reality, a hacker is just someone who knows a lot about how computers work and how networks work. Some hackers, called “black hats,” do use their skills to do things that are wrong and illegal.

Some do it because it’s a challenge. White-hat hackers are hackers who use their skills to help solve problems and make security systems stronger. These hackers use their skills to catch criminals and fix holes in security systems. Even if you don’t want to hack, you should know how hackers work so you don’t become a target.

How to Learn the Skills You Need to Hack

How to hack account.

Learn what it means to hack. Hacking is a broad term for a number of methods that can be used to break into or gain access to a digital system. This can be a computer, a cell phone, a tablet, or an entire network. Hacking takes a lot of different specialized skills. Some of them are very complex. Others have more to do with the mind. There are many different kinds of hackers who do things for a wide range of reasons.

Learn about the right way to hack.

Hacking is neither good nor bad, despite how hackers are portrayed in movies and TV shows. Either way, you can use it. Hackers are just people who are good with computers and like to solve problems and get around restrictions. As a hacker, you can use your skills to solve problems, or you can use your skills to make problems and do illegal things.

Warning: It is very illegal to use computers that don’t belong to you. If you use your hacking skills in this way, you should know that there are other hackers who use their skills for good (they are called white hat hackers). Some of them are paid a lot of money to hunt down bad hackers (black hat hackers). You will go to jail if they catch you.

Figure out how to use the web and HTML.

You need to know how to use the internet if you want to hack. Not only how to use a web browser, but also how to use search engines in a more advanced way. You’ll also need to know how to use HTML to make content for the Internet. You will also learn some good mental habits that will help you when you start to learn how to code. [2]

Figure out how to code.

It might take some time to learn a programming language, so you need to be patient. Instead of learning different languages, you should learn how to think like a programmer. Pay attention to ideas that are the same in all programming languages.
Linux and Windows were made with the languages C and C++. It and assembly language teach you how memory works, which is a very important skill for hackers.

Python and Ruby are high-level, powerful scripting languages that can be used to automate many tasks.
Most web applications use PHP, so it’s a good idea to learn it. Perl is also a good option in this field.
Must use bash scripting. This is how to work with Unix/Linux systems easily.

You can write scripts with Bash that will do most of your work for you. You must learn assembly language. It is the basic language that your computer understands, and it can be written in many different ways. If you don’t know assembly, you can’t really break into a program.

Get a system based on Unix that is free to use and learn how to use it.

Unix is the foundation for a large family of operating systems, including Linux. Most of the web servers on the internet are based on Unix. So, if you want to hack the Internet, you’ll have to learn Unix. [3] Also, you can play around with open-source systems like Linux because you can read and change the source code.

Unix and Linux can be used in many different ways. Ubuntu is the Linux distribution that most people use. You can install Linux as your main operating system, or you can make a Linux virtual machine. You can also use Windows and Ubuntu at the same time.

1: First, protect your computer.
You need a way to practice your great hacking skills in order to hack. But make sure that you are allowed to attack your target. You can attack your network, ask for permission in writing, or use virtual machines to set up your lab. No matter what is on the system, attacking it without permission is against the law and will get you in trouble.

Boot2root are systems that are made to be broken into. You can find these systems online and use virtual machine software to download and install them. You can try hacking these to get better.

2: Know your goal.
Enumeration is the process of making a list of everything you know about your target. The goal is to make an active connection with the target and look for weaknesses that can be used to take advantage of the system further. There are many tools and methods that can be used to help with the process of enumeration. Enumeration can be done on NetBIOS, SNMP, NTP, LDAP, SMTP, DNS, and Windows and Linux systems, among others. Here are some pieces of information you want to get:

Names of users and groups.


Shares and services on a network

IP addresses and how to reach them.

Service configurations and configurations for auditing.

Apps and advertisements.

Specifics on SNMP and DNS.

3 Check the goal.
Can you talk to the faraway system? The ping utility, which comes with most operating systems, can be used to check if the target is online, but you can’t always trust the results because it uses the ICMP protocol, which paranoid system administrators can easily turn off. You can also use tools to see what email server an email comes from.
Hacker forums are a good place to look for hacking tools.

Check all the ports.
A port scan can be done with a network scanner. This will show you what ports are open on the machine, the operating system, and can even tell you what kind of firewall or router they are using, so you can plan what to do next.

Find a way through the system or an open port.
Ports like FTP (21) and HTTP (80) are often well protected and may only be vulnerable to attacks that haven’t been found yet. Try other TCP and UDP ports that may have been forgotten, like Telnet and various UDP ports left open for LAN gaming.
Most of the time, an open port 22 means that the target is running an SSH (secure shell) service, which can sometimes be brute forced.

6 Find the password or figure out how to get in. There are many ways to figure out a password. Some of them are the following:

Brute Force: A brute force attack just tries the user’s password over and over again. This is useful for getting past passwords that are easy to guess (i.e., password123). When trying to guess a password, hackers often use tools that quickly try out different words from a dictionary. To keep a brute-force attack from happening, don’t use simple words as your password. Make sure to use a mix of letters, numbers, and other symbols.

Social engineering: A hacker will contact a user and try to trick them into giving up their password using this method. For example, they might say they’re from IT and tell the user that they need their password to fix a problem. They might also look in trash cans for information or try to get into a locked room. Because of this, you should never tell anyone your password, no matter who they say they are. Shred any papers that have personal information on them.

Phishing: A hacker sends a user a fake email that looks like it came from a person or business the user trusts. There may be a file attached to the email that installs spyware or a keylogger. It may also have a link to a fake business website that looks real but was made by a hacker.

How to hack account.

The user is then asked to enter personal information, which gives the hacker access to that information. To avoid these scams, don’t read emails you don’t trust. Always make sure a site is safe (includes “HTTPS” in the URL). Instead of clicking on links in emails, log in directly to business sites.

ARP Spoofing is a method in which a hacker uses an app on his phone to make a fake Wi-Fi access point that anyone in a public place can sign into. Hackers can give it a name that makes it look like it’s from a local business. People sign up for it because they think it is public Wi-Fi. T

he app then keeps track of all the data that people who are signed into it send over the internet. If they use a username and password to sign into an account over a connection that isn’t encrypted, the app will store that information and give the hacker access. Don’t use public Wi-Fi if you don’t want to be a victim of this heist. If you have to use public Wi-Fi, make sure you sign into the right internet access point by asking the business owner. Look for a lock in the URL to see if your connection is encrypted. A VPN is another option.

Get super-user privileges.
Most important information is locked down, and you need a certain level of authentication to get to it. To see all the files on a computer, you need super-user privileges. This is a user account that has the same rights as the “root” user in Linux and BSD operating systems. By default, this is the “admin” account for routers (unless it’s been changed), and it’s the Administrator account for Windows. You can become a super-user in a few different ways:

Buffer Overflow: If you know how a system’s memory is set up, you can send it data that its buffer can’t hold. You can take control of the system by writing your own code over the code that is already in the memory.
On systems that are similar to Unix, this will happen if the bugged software uses the set UID bit to store file permissions. The program will run with a different user account (super-user for example).

8: Make a secret entrance.
Once you have full control of a machine, it’s a good idea to make sure you can come back. To make a backdoor, you need to put a piece of malware on a system service that is very important. This will let you get around the normal way of logging in. But your backdoor might be closed off when you get the next system update.
A skilled hacker would put a backdoor in the compiler itself, so that every piece of software that was compiled could be used to get back in.
Don’t leave a trail.
Don’t tell the system administrator that the system has been broken into. Don’t change anything about the site. Make only as many files as you need. Don’t create any more users. Act as soon as you can. Make sure your secret password is written into it. If someone uses this password to try to log in, the server should let them in, but it shouldn’t have any important information.

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