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hack whatsapp

Do you need to Hack WhatsApp to address a personal issue?

Is your partner cheating? If yes, you think WhatsApp hacking can reveal the truth.
Troubled kids? Bullies, scammers, and predators may threaten them. Their WhatsApp messages may reveal the truth.

Employees slacking or selling firm secrets causing issues? You think monitoring their WhatsApp use will tell you.
You only have their phone number. Hack WhatsApp by phone number? Doable?

You’ve undoubtedly gone through dozens of web tips by this point if you’re seeking for a technique to hack into someone else’s WhatsApp account. We are willing to wager that none of them provided you with any legitimate answers and instead advertised phony services that included viruses.

The good news is that we’ve put in a lot of work, conducted a lot of research, and come up with a list of strategies that have been proven to work and are appropriate for users of all experience levels.

But isn’t WhatsApp encrypted? If that’s the case, how could anything possibly work? If you thought it was impossible to crack WhatsApp, you should rethink that assumption.

We won’t waste any more of your time with unnecessary words and instead will let the guides written by our specialists do the talking. Let’s get right into it!

How to Get Someone Else’s Phone Number and Hack Their WhatsApp

Using the target’s own phone number is a simple approach to gain access to their WhatsApp account. One WhatsApp account can now be used across several devices, something that wasn’t previously possible. This is what you have to do:

  1. 1. Get WhatsApp for all the gadgets you intend to use it with.
    2. Launch WhatsApp on your primary gadget.
    In order to use WhatsApp on a second device, you must first download and launch it.
    3. To access your account on a second device, you’ll need to provide the same mobile number you provided at account creation.
    4. A 6-digit code will be issued to your cell phone through text message and required on the second device. If you want to double-check your account, enter this code on another gadget.
    5. After verifying your account on a second device, you’ll be able to access your WhatsApp messages and conversations from either device.
Sending an Image Hacks WhatsApp Chat History

Phishing is a type of hacking that involves deceiving a victim into providing their login information on a bogus login page or downloading a malicious picture. Utilizing this method, it is possible to get into another person’s WhatsApp account. To begin, you will need to devise a method for corrupting a file. You can either develop your own virus or purchase one on the Dark Web, depending on whether or not you know how to code. Then, proceed with the following steps:

You can design your own phishing page by looking online for a phishing template that you can use as a guide.
Place the phishing page on a web server and make it accessible online.
Send the victim a message through WhatsApp containing the link to the phishing page.
When the victim clicks on the link or the image, they will be brought to the bogus login page, where they will be required to input their credentials.
You will have access to the victim’s entire WhatsApp account, including all of their messages, as soon as the victim inputs their credentials.

Whatsapp Hacking using Google Chrome: Step-by-Step Instructions

Using WhatsApp’s own Web service is another option for gaining unauthorized access to another user’s account.

If you’re using Google Chrome, here’s how to crack someone else’s WhatsApp:

  1. 1. Launch WhatsApp on the target gadget, then select Settings from the app’s main menu.
    Just head to WhatsApp Web and tap there.
    2. Open the WhatsApp website in your web browser. There will be a QR code in front of you.
    3. Scan the code with the desired device, and you’ll be automatically logged in, however this only works if you have access to that device. Not only is the surveillance subject always going to be able to see the active WhatsApp Web icon on their phones thanks to this breach, but they will also know immediately that they are being monitored.

Chrome Hacking WhatsApp
Use WhatsApp Web to hack a WhatsApp account.

Click the top-right menu symbol in WhatsApp on the target smartphone.
WhatsApp Web.
Open WhatsApp in your browser. Receive a QR code.
Scan the code on your target device to sign in automatically.

hack whatsapp
Hack WhatsApp with iMyFone’s Data Recovery

This is how you can access the target’s iPhone or Android smartphone and use WhatsApp without having physical access to it.
After getting the software, do this:

1. Find the spoofing device’s original MAC address. Device settings usually have this.

2. Change your device’s MAC address to the spoof device’s original MAC address. Settings normally allow this.

3. Use the new MAC address to network your device.

4. Enjoy reading their WhatsApp

Unfortunately, many users had technical issues and claimed that MAC spoofing programs didn’t operate or didn’t affect WhatsApp.

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account Without Logging Them Out

Now, this choice might not be the most reliable, especially if you don’t know much about coding. But since it’s free, you might as well give it a try.

This can be done by making a fake MAC address for the target. MAC spoofing is a way to change the Media Access Control (MAC) address of a device.

A MAC address is a unique number that is given to network interfaces so that they can talk to each other on the physical network segment.

By spoofing a MAC address, a device can pretend to be another device by using the MAC address of that other device.

This can be useful for many things, like getting around security measures like MAC filtering or getting around restrictions on network access.

You can do this with a piece of software or by changing the settings on the device.

There are many programs that can be used to fake a MAC address, and some of them can be downloaded for free.

Get iMyFone and install it on your computer.

Start the application, and then select a recovery mode.
The next step requires you to select the data source, which can either be iTunes or iCloud for an iPhone, or Google Backup for an Android device.

Another option is to just click Start after you have the device connected to the PC. You can still extract the files even if the monitoring software for the mobile phone is corrupted or locked.
From the menu of the spy app, select WhatsApp, and then select the chats that you want to download.
Simply access the WhatsApp backup file by selecting the “Recover” option and following the on-screen instructions.

Closing Remarks

Verified spying apps produced the greatest results out of all the many approaches we investigated when it came to hacking WhatsApp without the target’s phone. You can be confident that these techniques and tools will be successful no matter what you intend to use them for, including the possibility that you will use them to catch your partner cheating on you.

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