Hacker : How To Hire a Hacker


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Hacker : Types of Hackers

Norton considers anyone who is savvy with computer software and cyber security to be a potential hacker, and they classify hackers into three categories. These categories are black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and grey hat hackers.

Hacker : Black Hat Hacker

These hackers are the stereotypical criminal hackers. They are responsible for creating malware, viruses, and spyware programs that slip past a computer’s security systems. This sort of activity is criminal and black hat hackers are usually motivated by financial gain and personal vendettas.

Hacker : White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers refer to themselves as “ethical hackers” because they do not break the law when they hack. White hat hackers have permission from the people they are hacking, even if they use the same strategies as criminal hackers. They are normally hacking to help their “victims” discover bugs and flaws in their security systems.

Hacker: Grey Hat Hacker

Grey hat hackers are a mixture of black and white hat hackers. These hackers operate like white hat hackers, with the ethics and motivation of black hat hackers. They search for bugs and security flaws, but they do not have permission and they normally blackmail their victims after a successful hacking.

Grey hat hackers will demand a ransom for finding the security flaws. If the ransom is not paid, the grey hat hackers will often sell this information to the world. Grey hat hacking is illegal.

Hacker : What do Hackers Do?


There are lots of services that fall under the umbrella of hacking. Some of the most common things that hackers do are as follows.

Hacker : Personal Attacks 

Hackers who are hired to make personal attacks against individuals generally charge more for this service than for any other hacking service. Examples of these personal attacks can be spreading libelous claims, financial theft, and creating legal trouble for the other person. 

Hacker : Changing Grades

Another common service that hackers will offer is changing course grades for students. The common desire for higher grades makes this one of the most popular and expensive hacking services. Hackers will hack into schools of any grade level and some will even be able to obtain answers to future tests and exams.

Hacker : Website Hacking

You can also hire a hacker to hack into a website for you. Once they have gotten into the website, they can create all sorts of trouble.

For example, they can interfere with the web servers that host the website, mess with the administrative panel of the website, steal databases, and steal administrative information.

Hacker : DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack

You can  hire a hacker for DDos attacks, DDoS attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber attack on the internet, according to Norton.

In short, a DDoS attack is when hackers attempt to crash a website by flooding it with an overwhelming amount of web traffic. It is particularly common for hackers to extort websites with low-level DDoS attacks, with the promise to increase the strength and severity of the attacks if the victim does not agree to their terms.

Hacker : Stealing Rewards Points

You can also hire a hacker for  this too, Did you know that you can hire a hacker to steal customer loyalty rewards points from someone else? You can. The cost of this will depend on who you are stealing from and how many rewards points/frequent flier miles you are intending to steal.

Hacker : Hacking Social Media

You can also hire a professional hacker to hack into a social media account. This can be someone you know personally or a famous person you don’t like. Hackers offering these services generally will charge some money.

It is also common for people to hire  a hacker to hack into their own social media accounts that they no longer have access to.

This could be an account that was stolen from them from a previous time when they were hacked themselves, it could be because they have lost their log-on information, or any other reasons why a person no longer has access to their old social media accounts.

Hacker : Hacking into Corporate Emails

In addition to social media, you can also hire a hacker to hack into corporate email accounts. While hacking into personal email accounts is usually the same price as hacking social media, hacking corporate accounts is much riskier and much more expensive.

Hacker : Cell Phone Hacking

There are also ways to directly hack into people’s cell phones. There are apps that you can use to monitor someone’s phone usage. The problem is that you have to physically have the person’s phone in hand in order to install the malicious software on their phone.

By hiring a hacker, you don’t have to do this. With a hacker, you can hire them to remotely access the person’s phone and install the spyware apps that will let you monitor that person’s phone indefinitely.

It is important to note that some cell phones are harder to hack  for a hacker than others.

Androids are often considered less secure than iPhones because Android phones use an open-source code, while Apple devices operate in a closed ecosystem. Apple users should still be wary because it is still possible to hack into an iPhone, it is just harder to hack into an iPhone than it is to hack into an android.

Hacker : Legally Hacking Social Media

Believe it or not, there are ways that you can legally hack social media. Facebook has a “Bug Bounty” program where they pay hackers to hack into their website and then report any bugs that they find to Facebook. This helps make Facebook a more secure site.

Hacker : How Much Does a Hacker Cost?

The price of hiring a hacker varies based on what you are expecting the hacker to do. More complicated and dangerous hacking jobs that are time consuming will obviously cost a lot more money than simple jobs that can be done in twenty minutes.

In general, most professional hackers will charge at least a couple of thousand dollars for serious hacking jobs that they perform.

Finding the right hacker for a job can be difficult for many reasons, but one of the most common reasons it’s hard is because you don’t even know who to look for or where to find them. CyberTechie is here to help you with that, we have the best and most experiences hackers for your hacking services.

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